Thursday, July 30, 2020

ISSDC 2020 and still crunching the Space Farm book

ISSDC 2020 and still crunching the Space Farm book!

Between doing up presos for AIAA ASCEND 2020 ( on space poop), and judging the 2020 International Space Settlement Design Competition (ISSDC 2020, see, still crunching away on my Space Farm textbook, which will be very rich in drawings and tables so anyone can read it, geek or no.

Also still have a sci-fi book in slush, fingers crossed!

Trillions of happy, smiling babies await!


Thursday, April 16, 2020

Stuck in slush

Stuck in slush

Dropped my latest (as in been writing it for two decades+, had it copy-editied, now altered the first chapter, moving the original first chapter to the middle of the book, so that the main character is better developed right off)  sci-fi book in the Baen book slush pile, might get a hit (low probability?) in a year.  It is around 110,000 words.  Actually met Jim at an NSS conference, maybe that will help (likely not).
Also sent a short story  (2500 words) on dragons to try to sell it for an anthology. Again, a maybe, but I did sell a story already once, so maybe fantasy is a thing I should do. Working on a full fantasy novel, maybe done in a year.
Finally still pounding away on my Space Farm (text?) book. Most of the text is in, but now begins the drudgery of drawing all the tables and diagrams which will magnify the size of the book. Targeting around 300 pages +/-. For a general audience, but there is a section with math for those who want it.

Stay Safe,
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Monday, February 24, 2020

Still Shopping for publishers....

Looking to reorder my latest sci-fi novel and resubmit...still looking for publishers for it.

Also working on my Space Farm Book.  Trying to get the draft done before NSS ISDC 2020 (I am doing two talks, one on poop in space) and AIAA ASCEND 2020 (dropping in abstracts this week). For those who don't know, I am up for the NSS National Board, on the board of St. Louis Space Frontier,  and on the AIAA Space Colonization Technical Committee.

In my copious free time, also writing up a fresh new fantasy novel.  8K words in, 92K or so to go....maybe by 2021. Targeting young adult audience, though should be an interesting read for grown-ups as well. Lots of adventures, journeys, and mysteries.  Universe creation takes series work, and drawing up maps, rules, and notes is a big part that shows up indirectly in the text of course.

If you are a real TRADITIONAL MODEL publisher (I can self publish myself, been there, done that) I am always open to ideas, for these books or any of the ones to date.

Agents maybe...


p.s. was fun to talk space farms to the younger set at the Engineering Fest, SciFest, St. Louis Science Center 22 Feb. Thank you to those who helped, and those who came to see us! Hopefully many of the kids become space engineers!

Monday, December 2, 2019

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

New fantasy Short story in published anthology!

Well, looks like someone likes my fantasy work! I have a new short story that will be in the TANSVAAL press'

Of Witches, Warriors, and Wyverns

look for it around Jan 2020!

If it sells good, might do many more short stories like it...


Tuesday, July 16, 2019

A Big Kid's Book of Fishes, Whales, Ocean Monsters, and Fish from all over!
My latest book,  A World of Fishes and Whales: Over 400 Fishes and Water Animals from Around the World , is done and available in Amazon in physical and eBook form. It is a beast as far as kid's books go, meant for reference as much as just paging through and looking at cool fishes and sea life. Technically, there are 377+ fishes (some fishes have seagoing or alternate forms, boosting the count to over 380), 28 mammals (seals, dolphins, manatees, baleen whales), 7 birds (including 4 penguins), 8 living reptiles (turtles, crocodiles, snakes), 38 invertebrates (crustaceans including: crayfish, shrimps, crabs, deep sea jellies, squid, octopus, worms, and snails), 4 extinct sea going reptiles (dinosaurs, of course), megalodon, xiphactinus (think giant tarpon with teeth), dunkleosteus (armored sea monster fish), and orthocone.  All are organized loosely by groups and shapes. Each species has the common name, scientific name, and location. Also put in a few underwater pictures for kid's to try and pick out real fish (adding 3 more species too) taken from my adventures, and a few above water fish so real world fish can be compared to drawings in the book. There are diagrams to explain how sharks are different from bony fish and mammals, a global map to key fish locations, and a guide to what a fish's shape says about how it lives.  140 pages of fishy goodness and cool biological art.
Anyone should be able to grab the book, and go to an aquarium, pond, or beach, and take a guess at what they see. While I couldn't ever draw every fish (over 40,000), this one gets a kid into the ballpark. It is the fish book I wish I had when I was a kid, looking at fish, and wondering what they are.

and yes, every fish, whale, and dinosaur in here can be purchased on shirts, hats, shower curtains, wallpaper, etc. too.
Will also pop into all major on-line booksellers soon.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Yes, I am a space geek among many things.

I did two presentations at NSS ISDC 2019, both on Space Settlement Space Farms, both posted on my Space Farm site (, and likely someone caught the video too.
I am also working on a Space Farm textbook, which will likely come out end of 2019, and a series of technical papers on that topic too.

Still shopping for an agent or real traditional publisher for my latest Sci Fi book...if you are a real one, email me :0)

And working on a variety of fish book projects too :0)

Why do I do space: Trillions of Happy, Smiling, Babies :0)