Tuesday, October 4, 2022

7 Panels at ARCHON 45 30 Sep to 02 Oct 2022

 Hello all,

was on 7 panels at the Archon 45 conference in Collinsville IL 30 Sep to 02 Oct and it was tiring but fun!

(Archon page: http://www.archonstl.org/ )

3 panels were on space farms or a twist thereof, 2 on current and near term space tech, and 1 on AI and the future.

I put the core slides on my space farm site: http://www.spacefarms.info :


Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Back from NSS ISDC 2022!

 Back from NSS ISDC 2022, and it was amazing to see people in the flesh again.  

The National Space Society (NSS) in many ways is like a family, with people who share a pasionate vision for a future where people of all types and stripes live and work in the expanses of space for the benefit of Earth and the future.  In my terms, Trillions of Happy, Smiling, Babies. The NSS is not nearly just engineers and scientists, and indeed is mostly just normal populace, from retired teachers, to high schoolers, to artists, to farmers, and many others. The International Space Development Conference (ISDC) the last few times was virtual due to the 'VID but this time was in Arlington VA.  I did two presentations, one in the space ambassador track, one in the space settlement track, and was on a panel too, all on farming in space. 

All those presos are on my site here ( https://www.combat-fishing.com/animationspace/terraform.html).

Met many cool people, including a former head of NASA, other authors and artists too, and especially with other people from around the world who work on using plants, bioreactors, and maybe fungi and animals, to close the mass flow loop in space (i.e. take the human outputs, and turn them into human inputs).

Also saw many posters from the 'puppy engineers' from the International Space Settlement Competition (know some kids who like science? GET THEM TO ENTER!!!!) and a few from the International Space Settlement Design Competition (for slightly older kids, again GET THEM TO ENTER!!!) So much promise makes me feel joy and hope!

Will be advising a few other sci-fi authors on space farms, and am working up a project to run out of the SAM facility at U of Az, or similar,  to get some space farm tech matured. Want to play at being a space farmer? Check out SIMOC (https://simoc.space/).

As a result of all that interaction, I now have my list of technical reviewers for my own Space Farm reference book (though for a general audience, not just geeks), hoping to have a publisher lined up very soon.

Ad Astra!


Friday, April 22, 2022

Space Farm Book at local editor

 I have a friend doing a bit of copy-editing and general 'lets see if it flows' over the complete draft of the space farm book 

Farms in Space: Balances for Life Support, Food, and Settlement

All the illustrations, diagrams, and tables are done, as are references (though may need to be formattted for publisher)

also tying up the index and glossary while the editor is poking at it.

So far it is a little over 414 pages, with much of that tied up in 332 figures, and 88 tables, and no equations (though I do walk through examples). 

Summary is something like this:

The future of space exploration, space stations, and space settlements hinges on our ability to grow tasty nutritious foods as part of recycling the air, water, and wastes from people in space. Technologies to make this future occur are mostly already in use in urban farms, vertical farms, chemical factories, and old school soil farms. This book provides a simple walkthrough of the chemistry, biology, machinery, plants, animals, and engineering required to make agriculture in space and closed loop recycling possible. Targeted at any interested person, there are over 330 diagrams and illustrations, dozens of tables, and simple processes that make anyone a future space farmer. The book also includes a story to show what it is like to work in a space farm, menus and meals from the farm, and future work to bridge the technological gaps. The technologies and methods in this book can also find use here now, to feed a hungry world!

the focus is on the ability to design using crops, machinery, and the like to fully recycle human outputs into food, water, and oxygen. Wraps ecologically closed loop life support into space ag.

also shopping for a real publisher to carry it forward.

Ad astra!



Monday, March 7, 2022

Post-SciFest and Crafting Books


Still cranking on the space farm text, now very much in the end game for content creation phase, next putting in references, glossary, index. 280 figures drawn, 80ish tables made.  Did three examples for how to figure out mass flow sans any complex math.  The Target of the space farm book is a general interested audience, so eleminating techno-math stuff is key! I want an average adult to high schooler to look through and get the jist of what goes into designing a space farm, and how agriculture works in general. Would be a great resource for any budding sci-fi author or want to be farmer too. Targeting completed first draft with all indicies, etc. by EOM April. To publisher after that for hitting the presses by NSS ISDC 2022.

My SciFi novel is again in a sliush pile. still praying and hoping there.

Went out and started talking to the kids and others on what space engineering can look like, including a model yeast and photobioreactor at the St. Louis Science Center SciFest Engineering Day. 

Talked to several hundred people of all ages, and explained how space settlements can use photosynthesis and how bioreactors work.

handed out these cards too:

among other goodies.



Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Still cranking on Space FArm Book and waiting in slush piles.

 Just got back from NSS Space Settlement Summit, and helped run a nice session and panel on space settlement technologies at ASCEND 2021. Also posted all my presos on my SpaceFarms.info site. 

The Space Farm guide/book for technically interested readers of all backgrounds from high school to grad school is about 90% complete, and has has some posisitive reviews and fixes (thank you to Dr. Jane Shevtsov for lignin advice!).  Looking for a publisher too. Has 280 pages so far, likely end up around 350 pages once imagery,  index, glossary, and reference tables are added. Well over 200 figures so far, and around 50 tables.  Usable by anyone, and limits the technobabble and math to a minimum.

Also have 2 fantasy stories and a sci-fi novel in slush piles.

Remember Veterans Day on 11th Nov in the USA,


Monday, August 2, 2021

Visiting Superman and looking forward to Archcon!

 Now have 3 stories in the air: 1. SF Book still in slush, 2. Two short fantasy stories in two slush piles.

Still crafting the Space Farming book...280+ pages...really just clean up and adding imagery and tables.

Just got back from Superman Celebration (see this link also) in Metropolis IL, smaller than normal (our 4th celebration, 2015, 2016, 2017, and now 2021) but fun nonetheless. For those into the caped crowd, I strongly recommend hitting Metropolis IL even if just passing through, and if you are there next year second weekend in June, GO TO THE CELEBRATION!!! We have taken my nieces and nephews and everyone has a fun time at this cross between a comic convention and a county fair. Artists and Authors area, autographs with celebs, speakers, games with prizes, and a special set of activities for kids and even super-dogs. 

Year-round see the Supermuseum, visitor center, and not least of which, the giant Superman statue, and Lois Lane statue. 

Archcon in Collinsville IL is also a go this year, and I will be watching our NSS/St. Louis Space Frontier table, and presenting (and on panels) for space future stuff, including space poop, etc.

Take time to dream big!


Thursday, June 24, 2021

My Presentations at NSS ISDC 2021 FREE

 If you are interesting in seeing a set of space presentations by astronauts, space experts, and other space enthusiasts like your truly, 

the National Space Society International Space Development Conference (NSS ISDC) 2021 is FREE and On-line :


Schedule is here:


My two presos (yes, pre-recorded) are at 10:50 AM PDT and 1:15 PM Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

Enjoy the Day!